Ottobre 16, 2019

Nomad and Aira the creator of FreePower ™ for a radically new wireless charging technology

Nomad is excited to announce a partnership with Aira, the creator of FreePower™, a radically new wireless charging technology.

The Product:

Designed from the ground up, Base Station Pro reinvents what it means to charge wirelessly. By integrating FreePower™ wireless charging, it features one seamless surface created from an 18 coil matrix, enabling an effortless charging experience. Proprietary FreePower™ algorithms rapidly locate your device, creating dynamic and intelligent power that will charge up to 3 devices in any orientation.

Nomad Base Station Pro Details:

  • Base Station Pro features a slate gray aluminum chassis and black padded leather charging surface – similar to our current Base Station family of products.

  • All devices can charge simultaneously at up to 5W each.

  • Works with Airpods and other wireless charging earbuds.

  • Powered by a 27W USB-C PD charger included in the box.

  • October 11th will be a soft launch for the product on the Nomad website. There will be an email signup on the website at that time.

  • Pre-orders will begin in November.

URL for publication:

Aira FreePower™ details: Aira’s patent-pending FreePower™ technology reinvents the wireless charging experience. It features…

  • Full surface charging freedom with its foundationally different wireless power coil matrix

  • Precision power delivery algorithms for rapid device detection and dynamic sweet spots

  • Intelligent multi-device charging that individually optimizes power for each device.


Aira is a new-to-market technology company launching on Shark Tank on October 13th at 9PM on ABC.

As you well know, the biggest problem with current wireless chargers is the very small “sweet spot” that requires perfect alignment qq transmit power. Late in 2018, Nomad was approached by the startup technology company Aira. They believed they had locked down free position wireless charging technology to solve the sweet spot problem, a technology they were calling FreePower™. Aira was looking for a strategic partner to bring this next-generation technology to market. Just over one year later, Nomad is finalizing production schedules on what will surely be our best charging experience yet. Nomad is the exclusive provider of Aira’s FreePower™ technology at launch.

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